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30th-Oct-2014 10:34 pm - Spn_Genbigbang art
Here's my spn_gen_bigbang art post for agelade's latest episode in her alternate Season 9 in lustraverse. Fic Masterpost can be found HERE, go read!
It's a cool project I hadn't been aware of before picking her summary in the spngenbb, and I fully intend to catch up on the story so far!
In the meantime, this is Episode 7 (I think), and it can be read as a stand-alone.
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Sanguis banner
30th-Oct-2014 04:10 pm - SCREENCAPS: [1004] - HD/LOGOLESS

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27th-Oct-2014 07:13 pm - The Lost Boys - art
For spn_cinema
Title: Because I'm so predictable - The Lost Boys
Artist: amber1960
Movie Prompt: The Lost Boys
Pairing: Sam and Dean
Rating: G
Preview:lost boys1 JP teaser
Notes: So this ended up completely unoriginal but I blame THAT photo of Jensen, you know, the one from Harper's Bazaar. And then THAT promo pic of Jared. It's a mix of drawing for emphasis and photoshopped photos. The arch is Tintern Abbey from a photo taken by my friend Viana.
23rd-Oct-2014 11:07 am - SCREENCAPS: [1003] - HD/LOGOLESS

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21st-Oct-2014 10:13 pm - Demon Dean - Does That Make Me Crazy
xdnangel, lostshoeicons
Title: Does That Make Me Crazy
Vidder: justmep2
Characters: Dean, Sam, Crowley and others
Genre: Character Study, action
Music: Red Band feat. Ninet Tayeb - Crazy
Length: 3:24m
Warnings: Show level violence
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: Season 10 up to 10.02

Summary: "I remember when I lost my mind" - a peek into demon!Dean's head.

for lj2_red
Dean - Dark Desire
Title: Dark Desire
Artist name: digitalwave
Character: Dean Winchester
Fandom/Universe: Supernatural
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: For All Aired Episodes
Summary: Stars, hide your fires; Let not light see my black and deep desires.
Disclaimer: The characters in this artwork remains the property of themselves and their related production companies. None of the pretties belong to me, I'm only borrowing them.

If you'd like to play around with any of my images, whether as icons, wallpapers or whatever, just ask. Credit would be nice.
18th-Oct-2014 05:59 pm - 52 icons
Dean - Fetish - badass
1. 2. 3.
49 more icons HERE
18th-Oct-2014 05:31 pm - Supernatural: animations 10.1 "Black"
SPN Dean jacket

These are animations for Supernatural, episode 10.1 "Black".

The entry is done for the season 10 tagathon at [community profile] episodic_supernatural @DREAMWIDTH

animation size is 500x281

I`ve scaled down some of the anis, but the original size is still 500x281

The entry can be found here: @OverTheHills

... !!! IMAGE HEAVY !!! ...

Title: Pun, or, the Confession of an Unrealistically Reliable Narrator
Artist: soserendipity
Author: necrora
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Rating: PG-13
Artist's Notes: RPF AU created for the 2014 round of spnmpregbb. No mpreg art, though, just schmoop.

Please check out the story if you like the art and leave my author some well deserved love :). The Art Masterpost is here.


16th-Oct-2014 04:15 pm - SCREENCAPS: [1002] - HD/LOGOLESS

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14th-Oct-2014 07:06 pm - Dean
Originally posted by amber1960 at Dean
There's a new comm spnspiration which is all about experimenting, and one of the posts talked about white space - so I thought I'd try something. Which wasn't really working, and I ended up with this instead.
Dean white space
12th-Oct-2014 04:19 pm - vid: Burning Sorrows
Boys_you're real

Vidder: Loki
Title: Burning Sorrows
Song: Burning Sorrows
Artist: The Kays Lavelle
Warnings: spoilers for 10x01
Category: general
Characters/Pairings: Dean Wincheser, Sam Winchester
Summary: "and the smoke from your cigarette // burns the light from your eyes // i will try to remember you // through the eyes of a child"
Links: here at graphicinmotion
12th-Oct-2014 01:15 am - Art: J2, Kissin' [PG]
Title: This Kiss
Artist: a_biting_smile
Characters: J2
Rating: PG
Spoilers: Nope
Warnings: men kissing, simple as that!
Notes: For tebtosca's little J2 Non-AU Renaissance Fanworks Meme.

See the art...
8th-Oct-2014 10:44 am - SCREENCAPS: [1001] - HD/LOGOLESS

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4th-Oct-2014 06:37 pm - Ruby Icons
SPN - Wives - Gen - Hat
Ruby Icons for spn20_20

Teasers:  photo ruby-laughter1.png  photo ruby-ac8.png  photo ruby-ac4.png

Icons HERE
30th-Sep-2014 08:59 am - [ART] The First Time
Title: The First Time
Artist: alexisjane
Pairing: Dean/Sam or J2...whichever you fancy : )
Rating: NC-17
Warning: graphic sex, bottom!Jared/Sam
Medium: Digital Painting
Beta: siennavie
Summary: Their first time...and mine : )  for smpc

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29th-Sep-2014 10:31 pm - Sidebar Art
Professional Writer
I cried with Sam here too so I had to make this sidebar art.

I made two, they are slightly different, pick the one you like, and enjoy.
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