Miss Chocolat (farfadine) wrote in supernaturalart,
Miss Chocolat

Surnaturel, just one little gif

Title : Surnaturel
Artist : farfadine
Rating : G
Photoshop, picture from the net, manip by me

In my mind, there is a spin-off of Supernatural where, in each episode, we would go to different country and see the hunters there, the local monsters or legend etc… Every opening would be different to reflect the coutry and ‘supernatural’ translation.

This would be what I would like to see for the episode in France (because, well, I’m french). We have catacombs in Paris, the beast of Gevaudan, vouivres, farfadets (yep that where my username came from), Mary-Morgans and dahuts…

I have no ideas for other countries except for Japan where I would like something inspired from the hyakumonogatari, where you tell a hundred ghost stories, blowing off a candle at the end of each story, and when you blow the last one, monsters awake.
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