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Without Recourse Jensen

New Art for sylsdarkplace wonderful fic: Without Recourse
J2, AU, slave fic. In a world where corporations set the rules and being unable to pay one’s debts makes a person a criminal, Jared has little choice but to indenture himself to a stranger.
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: BDSM, dub-con, kink, body modification.
Art Disclaimer: Not Mine! I don’t own or make any money from these images. Playing with these characters and images is intended for harmless enjoyment only, no offence intended.
Art Post: Here
Fic Post: Here : )
Artist: sillie82
Fandom/Genre: RPS
Pairing(s): Jared/Jensen
Rating: PG13 (for the art)
Warnings: None.
Notes: My artset for this years spn_j2_bigbang.

 photo Banner400.jpg

Check it out on my journal HERE.
Artpost: Carousel of Broken Dreams
Warning/Enticement: Half nekkid Dean, 17 year-old floppy haired Sam
Made for: quicky_bang and yohkobennington's Carousel of Broken Dreams.
Summary: They say revenge is a plate best served cold. Sam and Dean can't wait to have their feast.

Click on the teaser to see the whole post
Yokho Dean detail
My second wipbigbang art is for loracine's awesome Dark Angel/SPN crossover (my fave type of crossover, why aren't there more of them?) The Sulphur on Your Sleeve.
Click on the banner to see the art
loracine banner-1.2
25th-Jul-2016 04:26 pm - [art] dreams
Title: Dreams
Characters/Pairings: SamJess
Warnings: N/A
Notes: "I made this over three months ago and forgot to post it on LJ" should be my motto, and understood with every piece of art that I post. Anyway. I listen to too much Fleetwood Mac. Enjoy.

Full graphic @ my LJ.
6th-Jul-2016 06:17 am - 12 Sidebar Art & 1 F-Locked Banner
Naked Art
6 Jensen Ackles
3 Dean Winchester
1 Castiel
1 Rowena
1 Sam Winchester
♥ ~ ♥ ~ ♥
1 F-Locked Banner

More this way!
3rd-Jul-2016 09:21 pm - Wallpaper
Title: Too much heart
Artist: uglybusiness
Rating: G
Character: Castiel
Spoilers: none
Warnings: none

Here, in my graphics journal.
28th-Jun-2016 03:03 am - 46 icons
U R not Alone
1 Dean Winchester
1 Danneel & JJ
1 Danneel
1 Danneel & Jensen
13 Jensen
2 Love is Love
5 Cockles
3 Misha
1 Uhh...
2 J2
3 Jared
2 Padaleckis
2 Gen
1 ♥ (writer)
2 Rachel Miner/Meg Masters
5 Ruthie

25th-Jun-2016 09:54 am - It's a Heatwave!
For spn_heatwave - hope it's warm enough for y'all.
Click on the teaser to see the full pic at my journal.
car wash heatwave -1.1 teaser
21st-May-2016 06:17 am - Icon Dumpage
3 Jensen & Danneel
1 Jared & Genevieve
1 Ruthie (Rowena) & Mark (Crowley)
12 Jensen Ackles
1 Dean/Jensen W/Handprint
6 Dean Winchester
5 Cockles
3 Misha Collins
4 Jared Padalecki
1 Jared & Thomas
4 Ruthie Connell
2 Ruthie Connell & Rachel Miner
1 Ruthie Connell & ?
1 Mark P - Lucifer

1. 2. 3.
For the spncasefic challenge, art for stagepageandscreen's story The Best Things in Life are Free. Read it HERE on AO3!
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Best things-1
24th-Apr-2016 01:22 pm - 100 Random Icons
arrow - oliver look down
100 Icons Random Supernatural

. 36 - Dean Winchester
. 18 - Sam Winchester
. 10 - Sam & Dean
. 36 - Random: Abaddon (4), Baby (1), Castiel (5), Charlie (9), Chuck (1), Crowley (1), Dean&Cas (1), Dean&Charlie (3), Donna (3), Donna&Jody (1), Jody (3), Kevin (2), Rowena (2)


here @ babyara
22nd-Apr-2016 09:37 pm - Young John
Artist: dizzojay
Fandom/Genre: Spn
Character: Young John
Rating: G
Warnings: None

Young JohnCollapse )
21st-Apr-2016 11:10 pm - Art: Henry Winchester
Character: Henry Winchester
Artist: sillie82
Rating: PG
Medium: pencil
Artist Notes: Drawn to be signed at JIBcon 7.

 photo JIB7HenryPreview.jpg

On my journal HERE.
20th-Apr-2016 11:10 pm - Art: Cain
Character: Cain
Artist: sillie82
Rating: PG
Medium: pencil
Artist Notes: Drawn to be signed at JIBcon 7.

 photo JIB7CainPreview.jpg

On my journal HERE.
Title: Taking Care
Artist: sillie82
Characters: Sam/Dean
Rating: PG13
Medium: pencil, watercolor pencils, colored pencil
Artist Notes: For spn_masquerade for the prompt:

'Half dressed or naked, Sam and Dean tending each others wounds in a building their squatting in.'

 photo MasqueradeColor.jpg

On my journal HERE.
19th-Apr-2016 12:55 am - Art: Long Haired Jensen or Dean
Title: Long haired Jensen/Dean
Artist: sillie82
Character: Jensen/ Dean
Rating: G
Medium: pencil
Artist Notes: For spn_masquerade for the prompt:

'suddenly had a craving for Dean or Jensen having really long hair for some reason. Like halfway down his back long. Maybe he grew it out for some reason. Or maybe he got extensions.'

 photo JensenDeanLongHairPreview.jpg

On my journal HERE.
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