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Supernatural Art
1st-Nov-2018 10:55 pm - Red Hood icons
Red Hood
Gun-pointing-1 Jensen-Red-Hood-halloween-14 Jensen-Red-Hood-halloween-2018-8e-icon Red-hood-standing-3 Red-Hood-crouch-1

More here at my journal, enjoy ♥
13th-Jun-2018 10:29 pm - SPN Dystopia Bang - art masterpost
Art for SPN Dystopia Bang.
I was lucky to snag anyrei & mugglerock's story 4545 (Link!). The story features Dean, Sam, Cas, Gadreel and Gabriel amongst others, in a future where most of humanity lives underground and population numbers are kept to the magic maximum figure of 4545...
Click on the banner to see all the art!
Dystopia banner-1 400
12th-May-2018 11:39 pm - Icons Galore
Naked Art
3 Chris Hemsworth & Tom Hiddleston
5 Danneel & Jensen
5 Genevieve & Jared
7 Loki/Tom Hiddleston
1 Danneel & Genevieve
10 Genevieve Cortese
1 Naked Dirty Man
2 Misha & Jensen
2 Dean Winchester
10 Jensen Ackles
1 Danneel & Mark P/Sister Jo & Lucifer
18 Travis Fimmel
*1 Jensen Ackles Sidebar Art

More Here
supernatural, impala, sam and dean
Hi all. This is a fake Supernatural advertisment I created for my Photoshop class. Thought I'd post it for you all to enjoy. If anyone is up to writing a story for it, you are more than welcome to do so...

Image and video hosting by TinyPicManipulation

Image and video hosting by TinyPicOriginal

16th-Feb-2018 12:47 am - ICON DUMP!!!
My Queen - Ruthie
1. 2. 3.
9th-Feb-2018 08:41 pm(no subject)
SPN - Wives - Ruby - Close Up Mouth
24 The Maze Runner
7 Amy from Little Women (Kathryn Newton)
1 Steve from Wonder Woman
5 Shelley Hennig


See the rest HERE
6th-Feb-2018 09:31 am - Whip It
art - jensen rubber
Title: Whip It
Character: Sam Winchester
Fandom: Supernatural
Medium: Photoshop CS6

17th-Dec-2017 06:34 pm - Death
Pastel Portait of Death
Rating: Gen
No warnings/spoilers


DeathCollapse )
26th-Nov-2017 05:17 pm - J2 Reversebang - Art Masterpost no:2
My second art prompt for j2_reversebang was claimed by the lovely amypond45, who took my prompt and wrote one of my fave tropes - a  dystopian future J2 AU. Click on the banner see all the art!
solitude banner-1
24th-Sep-2017 06:25 am - Art: The Divide (Spn Artbook)
Title: The Divide
Artist: sillie82
Characters: Ruby, Sam, Dean
Rating: PG
Spoilers: None


Check it out at my journal HERE

21st-Sep-2017 10:44 am - Quicky_bang art for majestic_duxk
Art for: majestic_duxk
Fic title: Looks Like We Made It
Artist: amberdreams
Click on the teaser to see the art
Majestic Victor-1 crop
29th-Aug-2017 10:14 pm - Mick Davies
Pastel Portait of Season 12's Mick Davies
Rating: Gen
No warnings/spoilers


Mick DaviesCollapse )
27th-Aug-2017 11:13 am - The Devil You Know
art - jensen rubber
Title: The Devil You Know (reblog on )
Pairing: Sam Winchester (as Lucifer)
Rating: PG
Medium: Photoshop CS6
Artist Notes: My submission for the Supernatural Artbook.

1st-Aug-2017 09:04 pm - The Pirate's Debt for zubeneschamali
For the August round of quicky_bang
Click on the teaser to see the full pic on my journal
2017 QB Zuben pirate-1 crop
Author: zubeneschamali
Story: The Pirate's Debt
Summary: Jensen knows that his birthday party will be an irresistible target to the notorious privateer and pirate, Captain Jared Padalecki, but he can't cancel the party. He's met Padalecki before, and he's secretly hoping to encounter the wicked pirate captain again. Tropical nights, pirate!Jared, fancy!dress!Jensen, making out in the lush gardens.
25th-Jul-2017 07:49 pm - Mr Ketch
Pastel Portait of Season 12's Mr Ketch
Rating: Gen
No warnings/spoilers


Mr KetchCollapse )
20th-Jul-2017 08:47 pm - Dark & light
Click on the teaser to see Dean and Death
Dean in blue crop
23rd-Jun-2017 09:25 pm - Jared/Sam as Nightwing
chomaisky wanted more Nightwing and he somehow turned into Sam (or Jared).
Click on the teaser to see the birthday pic!
2017 Sijing Jared Nighthawk-1 crop
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